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18 Unit B Corniche Dr.  Dana Pt. Ca. 92629  (949) 2483425

Member  -  Michael Downey Artist Of The Year Club
Portrait of Jascha Heifetz, Great Violinist

Orange County Register photo of me and first place painting.  January 22, 2008

Contact - Everyday, but please, no calls after 9pm.

Monday, January 28, 2008


Oil paintings created from your photographs of People, Pets, or Places

11:10 am est 


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The purpose of this site is to offer a vehicle for the public to have their favorite photo of People, Pets, or Places transformed into an oil painting.  Other subjects, as well,  are welcome.  It is my desire to please my clients with a finished painting that is completely satisfying to them.  As most photos contain the essentials needed for a painting, most are still lacking artistic merit in terms of proper color relationships, values (lightness or darkness in areas for dramatic impact), compositional balance, etc.  I will work with a client to suggest proper artistic additions or changes to achieve these ends.